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Dog waste is raw sewage, NOT fertilizer. Harmful organisms from dog poop transmit readily to children and adults and can survive for months on the ground. Just one week of accumulated dog poop can host 700 BILLION bacteria. Mowing just spreads the contamination everywhere. Get the facts in this video (at right) demonstration and sign up for a FREE WEEK.

WATCH VIDEO: Is your yard incubating toxic waste?

New video

Back in May of 2009, we created two demonstrations as a part of our community awareness campaign. We'll we finally turned our demonstrations into a video and put it on our new website (above).

Demonstration #1 explains why dog waste is not fertilizer. Demonstration #2 shows how easily dog waste can be brought inside your home based on a study done in 2008 by the University of Arizona.

You have to realize that prior to the advent of DNA testing in the 1990s, no one really understood the impact of dog waste on the eco system, nor how dangerous it was to humans. 

Hope you like it.

Sgt Poopers T-Shirts

sgt-poopers-tshirtHow collectible will the Sgt Poopers t-shirt become? Possibly this new design will go down in history as one of America's iconic entrepreneural designs. Or possibly it will remain one of America's best kept secrets. Probably the latter.

If you see our staff wearing this t-shirt, please do not offer them thousands of dollars for it. You can get your own a lot cheaper by contacting us directly.

Can't work today

snow-in-dallasThere will be no pooper scooping today in Dallas, for obvious reasons.

Walk, Wag Run

walk-wag-runOnce again we sponsored the Walk Wag Run and what a day it was. We did hundreds of demonstrations for residents stopping by our booth.

Every visitors received tons of freebies given out by many of the booths, which included area pet stores and others related to the pet industry.

The Dallas Water Department demonstrators were there as usual, also doing their own demonstrations for local residents to raise awareness about the importance of picking up after their pooch.

The weather was beautiful as you can see from the photo, a perfect October day. We were glad to play a small part in helping to raise community awareness.


White Rock Festival Disaster

Last year at the White Rock Festival my wife and I joked about this event being cursed, because someone downwind from us failed to attach their tent to the ground, and when the wind picked up that afternoon, their tent lifted up off the ground, sailed 20 feet into the air and landed on our tent, breaking it. We laughed it off.

This year, the annual White Rock Festival opened yesterday morning. After setting up our booth, I returned home while Erica manned the booth with our dog, Maria. I was wrapping up a new demonstration I had created.

About lunch time I returned to the festival, just as an ominous black cloud seemed to be racing toward us across the lake. By the time I found a parking spot, the sky let loose with a fury seldom seen. When I stepped out of the car, only a minute or two into the deluge, there was already 2 inches of water on the ground completing soaking my shoes and socks, while so much rain was coming down from above it was like being wet down by a fire hose.

And then all hell broke loose.

Lighting seemed to strike everywhere at once and the thunder was deafening. The wind shrieked at 30 or 40 mph or more, tents were shredding faster than anyone could take them down. Everyone was holding on for dear life under their tents, while the wind picked them up off the ground or just shredded the canvas above them. Within minutes, nothing was dry.

The storm caught EVERYONE by surprise. The danger of electrocution was real, both from lightning and from numerous power cords laying under water. No one had time to evacuate whatever goods they had intended to sell at the festival, so no one was able to simply evacuate, since the wind would have picked up everything and flung it across the landscape. 

I ran back to our SUV pulled open the fence and drove down to our booth where I manhandled all our materials into the car with a fury that was only matched by the weather. The reason: we were all standing in water under a 65 foot tree, holding onto a metal ribs of our tent, and the danger of death by lightning was quite real. So into the SUV everything went, as fast as I could shovel. Nothing was folded or boxed up properly, it all just went IN dripping wet as the rain continued to pour down upon us.

When we got home a little while later, stunned and wet, we strung out everything in the garage and our covered porch to dry. Amazing how soaked everything had become. There was not one single dry article.

The next day, I returned to the scene of the crime to survey the aftermath. And perhaps to capture a haunting reminder of the power of nature. The entire grounds of the festival were still half submerged under the lake — even a day later. Shows how much water fell in only a few minutes.

white-rock-flood1   white-rock-flood2
Most of the booths, like Terrelli's were innundated.   The Trinity Hall booth in the background still in about 6" of water.
white-rock-flood4   white-rock-flood3
 Gives new meaning to the term, dining on the water.   Enjoy lunch from your table in the lake.
white-rock-flood5   white-rock-flood6
 Marble Slab Creamery's banner was submerged.    This is how most people rode out the storm.
white-rock-flood7   white-rock-flood8
 For the Love of the Lake was shin deep in the lake of their love.    Powerlines were underwater all over the place.
white-rock-flood9   white-rock-flood10
 Perhaps next year we will bring flippers and snorkle.    The lake is several feet above normal.
white-rock-flood11   white-rock-flood12
 Lots of tents were shredded by the wind and rain.  

The sign says, "Free Face Painting." Add to that, "FREE
tent shredding on behalf of the Texas weather."

white-rock-flood13   white-rock-flood14
Tents on the front edge of the weather got shredded worse.   it was amazing how fast the weather dispatched the festival.
white-rock-flood15   white-rock-flood16
The festival was now a tent ghost town.   Other tents buckled under the weight of water
caught in their ripped up covers.

Mobbed at Strut Your Mutt

mutt-strutThe Sgt Pooper booth was mobbed at the Strut Your Mutt this year. Apparently word has gotten out and people are really starting to see the advantages of having a clean, hassle-free yard all year-round.

The event is designed to benefit homeless pets in North Texas and is one of the most popular "fun runs for charity" that both you and your dog can participate in together.  Each year thousands of people and dogs mob Fair Park while enjoying music, food, activities and booths offering items for sale.

It is always amazing to see so many dogs trotting and walking side by side, with tails wagging and nary a growl. They REALLY seem to enjoy the event, just as much as their owners.

Dogs are there in every size and variety, from tiny to huge, long hair to short, many wearing bandanas or colorful collars, or something else creative.

Sgt Poopers sponsors Walk, Wag and Run

walk-wag-runSgt Poopers was a sponsor for the annual Walk, Wag Run atop Flag Pole Hill. Lots of people visited our booth and learned that dog waste is a serious pollutant of area streams, creeks and lakes, including White Rock Lake.

This charitable event benefits the YMCA at White Rock, For the Love of the Lake, and Friends of White Rock Lake Dog Park.

This is an annual community festival that takes place in October in the spirit of Halloween fun and fitness for both two-legged and four-legged family members. The Walk, Wag & Run originally started as a neighborhood dog walk and has grown to encompass 5K and 10K runs for humans (and dogs!) of all ages and Howl-o-Ween Kids Fair. They also host a Walk and Wag dog walk and lots of "doggie" themed entertainment such as costume competition, and tricks.

Mystic Mutts and Moonpies Festival



mystic-mutsSgt Pooper sponsored the annual Mystic Mutts and Moonpies Festival. This free event was located at the White Rock Stone Tables (where Lake Highlands and Buckner Blvd interesect) just under the 75-year-old trees.

This event helps many pet rescue groups and features live music, treasure for sale, adoptable dogs, Frisbee-catching dogs, contests, a pet psychic, belly dancers, drummers and food.

We saw many faces that we already know and met lots of new ones.

Briefing at the Water Department

water-department-visitSgt Poopers paid a visit to the City of Dallas Water Department — the government agency in charge of protecting water quality by in municipal creeks, streams and lakes.

Our purpose in visiting was to strengthen our partnership with the Water Department, who have already been very busy in helping to maintain clean waterways.

We briefed water officials on our community education efforts and exchanged ideas on better ways to improve awareness of dog waste as a non-source point pollutant. Run off from sprinklers and rain carry fecal matter from Dallas lawns and into storm drains which empty directly into creeks and waterways that feed into lakes and even the Trinity River. Storm drain water is not processed to remove pollutants, so it is important to limit dog waste since it directly contaminates the water with fecal matter.

There are approximately 1.2 million dogs in the Dallas area, which is like a city of half a million people using their backyards as a toilet. Yes, it seems the practices associated with the Dark Ages aren't so far back as we thought, but are alive and well right under our feet.

Obviously the popularity of dogs as pets, and the consequent high concentration of K9 population in urban areas has brought unforeseen consequences in terms of pollutants. Luckily it is a problem we can all do something about.

Education at Operation Kindness

Sgt Poopers booth at Operation KindnessSunlight, cigarettes, leaded paint, prescription drugs… supposedly “safe,” widely recommended, encouraged by doctors, friends and parents… and since proven oh just slightly detrimental to our health.

Over the last 50 years, the list of “things we thought were okay” but aren’t continues to grow. Now we can add another: the seemingly innocuous waste of man’s best friend. But we can’t blame our pets: the problem is simply “who knew?”

Saturday, Operation Kindness Dog Day Afternoon at the Hawaiian Falls Water Park in Garland offered us an opportunity to educate people on the importance of cleaning up after their dogs. Dog waste is classified by the EPA as non-point source pollution, a biohazard that has serious impact watersheds across the world. We spoke to people and handed out fliers explaining the risks.

Many people commented that indeed they thought dog waste was fertilizer. But its really little different from human waste – a substance that -- if it contaminates water supply – can be deadly. And with 1.2 million registered dogs in the DFW area, that means 900,000 pounds of untreated waste deposited daily in our city.

The moral we are learning is that it’s not enough to pick up waste when we take our pets for walks. We need to keep our backyards clean.

Testing Water Quality

Steve Hall helps test water quality along White Rock Creek

This month the owners of Sgt Poopers joined up with Gary Spence and Tom Heath of For the Love of the Lake in the name of water quality management. For the Love of the Lake is a volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of White Rock Lake Park as an urban oasis. Managing water quality is an important aspect of their mission so key members learned how to conduct water tests in 2005. Every month, volunteers test at seven locations upstream and downstream from White Rock. Reports are sent to the City of Dallas and onward to the Texas Stream Team.

As a leading cause of water pollution, dog waste is a major threat to water quality. Dog waste contains nothing beneficial to plants or the environment – it is sheer biohazard, i.e., billions of bacteria, germs, pathogens, viruses and parasites. Rain and sprinkler systems wash dog waste from yards into storm drains that empty directly into our creeks, rivers and lakes.

In our area of Texas, some 1.2 million dogs deposit 900,000 pounds of waste daily in on the land. Only a fraction is actually picked up and disposed of properly. The vast majority winds up in the creeks, lakes polluting the very source of drinking water.

Testing water quality is a complex procedure involving some seven separate tests, including water turbidity, acidity, conductivity, oxygen content, temperature and more. Each test is performed twice to ensure precise results.

We tested just north of the intersection of Skillman and Abrams where White Rock Creek is joined by Village Creek – two of nine tributaries that feed the lake. White Rock Creek stretches some 30 miles through North Dallas, Richardson, Plano and into Frisco. Water flowing over White Rock’s spillway travels another eight miles south before it joins the Elm Fork of the Trinity River.

On the day we tested, it was just beginning to rain. We had to work quickly before the rain altered our test results. Testing water quality is where the consequences of environmental impropriety really become real. “The” water becomes “our” water.

Erica helps test water quality along White Rock Creek

Metal target is lowered to test turbidity Only 9 inches down the target becomes invisible
Testing chemicals are added in exact amounts As test chemicals are added, the color fades
Murky waters flow into White Rock Creek The color of test sample is noted

Reasons to Scoop

  • Dog waste is NOT fertilizer. 
  • Dog waste is 100% toxic and has zero commercial value.
  • Dog waste contains 20 million germs per gram (1 gram = 1 kernel of corn).
  • Mowing dog waste contaminates your entire yard with trillions of live bacteria.
  • Parasites, germs, bacteria, pathogens & viruses in dog waste are harmful to humans.
  • Fecal bacteria stick to the bottoms of shoes and transfer readily to clean floors.
  • Fecal organisms can infect children, adults and other animals.
  • Roundworms and hookworms deposited by infected animals can live in the soil for long periods of time and can be transmitted to humans.
  • Storm water carries pet waste and bacteria directly into waterways.
  • Animal waste depletes the oxygen in the water and kills fish.
  • DFW's 1.2 million dogs deposit 900,000 lbs of toxic waste on the ground each day.

Service Area

We service Lakewood, the M-Streets, Preston Hollow, North Dallas, Bluff View, White Rock Lake, Old Lake Highlands, Lake Highlands, East Dallas, Hollywood Heights, Forest Hills, Swiss Avenue, downtown Dallas (high rises), Uptown, Turtle Creek, Highland Park, University Park, Richardson, Addison and more.
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